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We help young, aspiring Start Ups to accelarate their business network. Besides that, we do consulting work for firms.

What we do

We experience, analyze, think, improve and reinvent SERVICE. At the same time we also have a close look at the SITE, the place where SERVICE is created and delivered. Dealing with high transaction volume service is our field of experience. A perfect service needs streamlined intelligent processes, state of the art systems supporting the processes and a dedicated workforce. Adding an continuous quality management, the service expenditures pay back in the overall business performance and generate repeat customers.
In situations with comparable products such service turns out to be the important differentiating factor. Our experience varied over time from consulting, to outsourcing and forming a business delivering specialized system solutions for a lacking set of processes. An extraordinary assignment was to manage the setup for a nationwide public service.
Quality, performance, reliability and trust formed our reputation. We changed our philosophy and today engage and invest in startups with a strong service background. Currently we are about to launch an own innovative service for major markets. The major product will be a service.


As an active investor we supply experience, network and funds to take the startup and the business idea to success. After carefully understanding the service idea, prove of the entrepreneurial spirit and necessary dedication facing the typical startup hurdles, we actively support the different startup stages.

Start Up

Classical service fields will be changed by mobile business. Outstanding service persists in the memory of satisfied customers and generates a permanent and good source of income. Currently we are redesigning such a business field by actively managing the start-up, finding partners, channels and forming the team.


The view from outside, in form of consulting, may discover rule-breaking potential in your existing business. Innovative restructuring with the help of e-commerce may bring new opportunities even to “brick and mortar” businesses and help them to stay in business focusing on their strong points.

Where We Engage

Over time we developed a unique set of common criteria before we invest time and money:

  1. The considered business sector is service and people intensive.
  2. The rule-breaking potential in the specific industry enables disruptive innovation, giving chances to small flexible players enabling substantial growth.

Who we worked with

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